European Jung History Conference

Conférence Samedi 26 novembre 2016 à Londres

Despite the continued popularity of Jung’s work – whose sales significantly exceed those ofFreud’s – and the presence of analytical psychology in the psychotherapeutic world, serious historical study has lagged behind that of comparable figures. This situation has significantly changed in recent years, with a new generation of scholars undertaking historical research on Jung and the history of analytical psychology in Europe at doctoral and post-doctoral levels, principally at UCL and at the University of Strasbourg. This one day conference foregrounds the work of this new generation of scholars, in dialogue with leading figures in Freud and Jung history.

Exposés de Sonu Shamdasani, Christine Maillard, Rodrigo Vivas Pinto, Florent Serina et al.

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Jointly organised by the UCL Health Humanities Centre and the Maison interuniversitaire
des Sciences de l’Homme, University of Strasbourg.
University College London
Gower St, Kings Cross, London WC1E 6BT